Original Music Production

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Complete Production of a Single (1 Song)
Music Production + Mixing + Mastering
Average pricing: $500 (AUD)

Available genres, including but not limited to: Hip-hop, Electronic, Dance, Pop, Indie, Lo-fi, Rock, Reggae, Soul, R&B, Ambient,  Composition/Soundtrack and more. 

Complete music production: including the arrangement and composition of the instrumentation - ie. Bassline, synths, drums and etc. Customisable structure of the song, to suit any reference tracks you may have, and an analysis of the desired reference track(s) to imitate. 

Full project mixing: adjustment of individual track volume, application of audio effects, auto tune (if applicable), and focused individual sound design on each track. 

Finalization mastering: getting the project to an optimal volume level and stereo sound balance. Making the song louder and more defined, preparing it for release upon radio and online streaming platforms. 

*This service includes up to 3 revisions, and consistent communication throughout the project.

My services:

Music Production - The creation of original music.

Mixing - Sound leveling of a pre-created piece of music.

Mastering - Finalization of a piece of music.

Recording - Recording session with an artist.

Teaching - Private music mentoring session.

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