Who is Koh-Dee?


Music Producer

Meet the sonic visionary, Cody Webberley, better known as Koh-Dee – a multifaceted artist transcending the realms of music production, audio engineering, and personal artistry. Hailing from the idyllic town of Sorell, nestled in the heart of Tasmania, Australia, Koh-Dee has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the dynamic world of music.

From his intimate home studio in Sorell to the prestigious SAE music studios in Byron Bay, Koh-Dee meticulously crafts a signature sound that fuses indie-electronica with undertones of lo-fi hip-hop and trap music. Constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft, he's recently delved into the realms of songwriting and rap, adding a new layer of complexity to his sonic tapestry. As of 2023, Koh-Dee boasts an impressive discography, including two full-length studio albums, two EPs, a collection of singles that mesmerize, and a groundbreaking video game soundtrack titled "Cracked Crusaders."

Koh-Dee's musical prowess has graced renowned stages, including the Falls Festival, Junction arts Soundscape festival, and HAZFEST, where his performances have left audiences always wanting more. His sonic footprint is equally felt in prominent Hobart establishments, from The Twisted Lime to The Grand Poobah, Altar, and the revered World Art gallery of MONA.

Beyond the confines of traditional music making, Koh-Dee has collaborated with key players in Tasmanian tourism, including Bridestowe Lavender Farm and Tasmania.com, lending his compositions to enrich various video ad campaigns.

A consistent student of the game, Cody has invested heavily into fine tuning his craft, laying a solid foundation by completing a Bachelor of Music Degree at the University of Tasmania, specializing in music technology, and more recently a Graduate Diploma in Creative Industries - with a keen focus on music production, at the esteemed SAE Creative Media Institute.